About Elite Rim N Tire, LLC

Elite Rim N Tire, LLC provides trustworthy vehicle repair and a full range of auto body services. Our knowledgeable and efficient staff has extensive experience with rim straightening, rim repair, rim refinishing, rim welding, rim powder coating and curb rash repair on commercial cars and trucks.

The Elite Rim N Tire, LLC Mission

We are committed to offering:

  • The best service possible through repairs and upgrades that live up to our estimates and warranties
  • Quality products installed by qualified and well trained professionals
  • Certified employees who receive ongoing training upgrades to ensure the highest level of expertise and customer service
  • The best value for every dollar you spend through providing efficient service and the most suitable products
  • Conducting all repairs with integrity and honesty
  • Accurate and honest estimates written up for both clients and insurance companies that outline only necessary repairs
  • Advanced auto body solutions that keep up with the latest advancements in the industry
  • Auto Body repair work that is completed in a timely manner and that honors written estimates
  • An ongoing environmental awareness and consistently doing our part to protect and preserve it
  • Loyalty to our customers and suppliers in order to build lasting relationships based on service and trust
  • Conducting all auto repairs with integrity and in accordance with all applicable standards and regulations

Committed to Quality

Elite Rim N Tire, LLC is committed to offering auto body repair solutions that are as environmentally sound as they are economical. Using the latest environmentally friendly car paints with lower VOC emissions that help to improve air quality, we also offer top quality recycled “green” auto parts that help to reduce waste and save energy.

From its humble beginnings years ago, Elite Rim N Tire, LLC has evolved into full service auto body repair shop offering the latest technology and dedicated expertise. Call or visit us, we will answer any questions you have and schedule a free estimate.